In Love With Sis

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Anonymous asked: I really want to have sex with my sister, but when I brought it up before she said no. I really want to try and make it work, just once, it's been a long term fantasy, any ideas on how to convince her?

I’d say a this point continue to woo her…if that doesn’t work…getting her to do you would be called rape and that gets awkward.

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Anonymous asked: My hot older sister was asking me if she'd be any good in bed. I was so shocked I didn't know how to respond but I can't stop thinking about how horny it gets me. We are quite close but How would you get talking each other sexually again? How do I take it further?

Sisters are girls…if there’s mutual attraction, you flirt, date, seduce, respect and love her…if she’s going to sleep with you, it will already be decided…by her.